Elena Miglietti


Representative of the NEBTO Committee

She has Greek origins, and very proud of the connection with its origins, from the Aegean to the Alps. She is a journalist, has directed magazines and has dealt with staff training and communication for COOP, but she starts from afar, from her great passion for the Middle Ages. She told music stories for Radio Coop, wrote books (often about sports and music) and she still teach corporate storytelling at the Holden School in Turin, convinced that there is always a story to tell, even in the business context. The battle for civil rights has led her to tell stories of conflicts and revenge, from Palestine to lands confiscated from the mafia, becoming a subsidiary member of the “Placido Rizzotto Libera Terra”cooperative. She collaborates with GiULiA (Giornaliste Unite Libera Autonome), the association that is committed to a language free of stereotypes and declined to women, and she fights in order that journalists have equal opportunities in the workplace, without glass roofs and discrimination. For the association TOxD (“Torino for women”) she curates the podcast Stories Jukebox, telling stories of extraordinary women and is the author of a speech about the doll “Barbie” as a model of female empowerment. With Elisa Campra and Nicoletta Daldanise, she managed the kick off of “Nebto” path in Turin.