Natasa Christou


Innovation Entrepreneur, Co-founder Gardens of the future

Dr. Natasa is an architect dedicated to design solutions for the future based on sustainability, tech and communities. Driven by vision, she is working closely to enable organizations address systemic challenges and lead innovation in the market. Her professional background brings a unique blend of strengths such as design thinking, entrepreneurship and academic research and those are the tools she is using to develop solutions that have an impact in the world. Throughout her career she has worked across government, research, and industry and that inspires her to provide a transformative approach towards the projects she takes on board. Nominated as ‘Woman of the Year in Innovation’ by MF Awards in Cyprus (2019), and National Finalist ‘Female Role Model of the Year’ in the Global Startup Awards (2020). She has been an active mentor within the Cypriot start-up ecosystem and an ambassador within the regional innovation development. As a social entrepreneur she is best known for 2 award winning startups for a community garden to promote circular economy, agro-tech and sustainable development and a community platform to implement creative projects.