Dana Lazar


Directorate of Social Assistance, City of Timișoara

Dana Lazar, born in Timisoara, has a B.A. in psychology and is trained as a systemic psychotherapist.

For the last 2 years she has been working for the Timisoara Municipality. First as a personal advisor for the mayor of the city, Dominic Fritz, on matters such as social services, European programmes, civic projects. Currently she is working in the Strategies and Programmes Service of the Social Assistance Directorate of the municipality where she is involved in designing and implementing projects with a social focus, many of which entail applying for European funds. Additionally, she drives the digital transformation of the Directorate, having a B.A. in computer science.

She promotes European values in her work, having a few years of experience working in the Europe Direct Information Center (part of the Europe Direct Network coordinated by the European Commission) and working with a member of the European Parliament in his local office.