Stefania Manca


City of Genoa, UAEU Partnership Climate Adaptation Coordinator

Stefania Manca has a degree in Natural Sciences from Genoa University and she specialized in Smart City-Territorial Economic Planning and Development. She also holds a Master's in Information Systems for the Territory and the Environment. She is an expert evaluator of proposal LC-CLA-H2020 and a trainer in EU project policies. Stefania has been employed by the Municipality of Genoa since 2011, and was officially appointed as Resilience Manager of the city in 2020. She is responsible for developing the urban resilience strategy initiative called 'Genova Lighthouse City' and coordinating the Climate Adaptation Partnership of the Urban Agenda for the EU. Stefania's areas of interest include innovation technology, sustainable development, and resilience. In 2022, she was officially named sustainability manager for The Ocean Race and is responsible for organizing a sustainable event on the occasion of the final stage of the race in Genoa.