Claudio Bordi


Head of EU Unit at Risorse per Roma, Municipal Agency of the City of Rome

He graduated with a European Master degree in Town, Regional and Urban Design in 1994-1995 from the INEAA, Institut Européen d’Aménagement (European Institute of Urban planning), Rouen University, France

Claudio has lengthy experience as project manager which includes territorial cooperation and EU-funded projects, involving EU and non-EU countries from the Mediterranean area, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia, in different thematic areas such as Local governance (multi-level governance, citizens participation, integrated approaches to urban policy), Local Economic Development (new urban economies, sharing economy, employment, entrepreneurship, triple/quadruple helix), Environmental issues (circular economy, sustainable food production, green economy, urban resilience and climate change), Social Inclusion (particularly, disadvantaged people, including migrants and refugees).

He is fluent languages: French, English, Spanish and Italian (mother tongue).

He has been validated as ad-hoc expert for the ASToN pool of validated experts, and as Lead Expert under URBACT Programme