Dejan Crnek


Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana

Dejan Crnek was born in Ljubljana in 1964. He studied at the Faculty of Sport and he was highly involved in several associations and organisations. He worked for four years at the Dravlje Elementary School, and for a year at the Secondary Carpentry School in Ljubljana. He then funded his own company with a friend.

In 2002, he was elected for the first time President of the Community of Šmarna Gora, where he currently mandates his third term. Along with his councilors, he focused on the malnourished area of infrastructure. Despite the modest funds, they renovated the lighting at some of the streets and roads, arranged several smaller streets and prepared conditions for pavements. They also prepared several measures to slow down traffic, guaranteed a regular bus connection, and set up an additional bus station in Gameljne.

In the current mandate, he is working on the implementation of the Community Centre of Šmarna Gora project. It will be built on the system of public and private partnership and will include the much-needed day-care centre, a library, a market, a post office, a youth centre and much more. The construction is unfortunately in delay due to various obstacles. He is also working on the completion of pavements and the arrangement of the water distribution and sewerage system. During this time, Dejan has become very well-acquainted with the area of local self-management, and he can now alert the City Council about projects they still have to carry out in the 'suburban communities', which pose quite a challenge now after the renovation of the city centre.